Recording visual moments.  Whether action, light, or expressions, I am forever trying to capture them.  I have been a freelance photographer covering the San Francisco Bay Area for all of my working career.  I consider myself fortunate to have been a witness to most of the major news and sporting events during this time.  As you can imagine this is sometimes a distressing and highly charged environment but on the other hand it can be extremely exciting.  I can say with certainty though, that these past (and future) assignments are all memorable in their own way! 

Technology has changed the way we capture images in the past 20 years.  I started out shooting b&w film for print media and then progressed to color.  Imagine!  I transitioned to digital cameras and digital imaging in 2002 which was a challenge initially, but has since made my years in the darkroom fade from memory!


Monica M. Davey                     


Experience: 22 years

Education: San Francisco State University 1991

Major: Journalism w/emphasis in Photojournalism

Wire Service Photographer

City College of San Francisco Photographer





               ©  2008


The hazards of a media scrum!  My lens sheered off the mount after my camera was knocked to the ground during the Barry Bonds verdict!                   April 13, 2011

Oakland “Oaks” Athletics Josh Reddick is mobbed by teammates after his walk off double beats the Seattle Mariners in thirteen innings.



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